Kerry LaMana | FAQ


Q: When is the best time of day to take portraits?
A: The answer to this question really depends on the location. For beach or landscape photos, I typically recommend the “golden hour” just before sunset when the light is softer and the temperature is more moderate. If your session will be held in a park or downtown location where there’s shade, any time of day is usually fine.

Q: What happens if it rains during our session?
A: I always closely monitor the weather which, naturally, in Idaho, can be very unpredictable. Weather can change quickly especially during the summer months and I typically don’t make the cancellation call until a couple of hours before your session. Even if it’s raining not very long before your session time, the weather can clear up in an instant and offer beautiful lighting. Your safety is my utmost concern, though, so if it begins to rain during your session or if we have severe wind or lightning or a snowstorm, I’ll absolutely cancel your session and do my best to reschedule any remaining portrait time.

Q: Can we do clothing changes during our session?
A:  Yes but keep in mind often times changing clothes can turn into a production that will cut into the time of your portrait session’s best lighting. For “Senior Portraits” I expect and encourage clothing changes and advise young adults to think in layers and easy to change into clothing.

Q: Can I bring my pet?
A: Yes!  Just no aggressive pets, please.If you do choose to bring along your pet, you may want to designate a pet handler to help out during the session. That way if your pet is having a bad day we can still get a nice variety of family portraits taken. Please bring a leash! 

Q: What is your cancellation policy?
A: If you need to cancel your session for any reason, I ask that you please do so as soon as possible. If we need to cancel your session due to weather, any retainer will be refunded in full. If you cancel your session for any reason other than a legitimate emergency, your retainer will be forfeited.

Q: What should we wear?
A: Family members don’t have to match exactly, actually, please don't match exactly,  but stay coordinated with similar colors and styles. I recommend avoiding busy patterns and clothing with distinct graphics and logos.  Wear something that you’re comfortable in.  It’s also okay to wear something that reflects your personality even if it breaks some of the standard “rules” about wearing muted colors and earthy tones.  For the most part, I recommend keeping it fairly simple. Don't wear bright shirts, the human eye just naturally is drawn to the brightest part of the photo. 

Q: I want to go to a remote location for my session, will you do that? 

A: YES! I'm up for it but depending on where it is there may be a small fee. 

Q: Can I still order if my online gallery has expired?
A: Yes. Your online gallery will be available for 1 year. After this time, there is a fee of $25 to reactivate the gallery. This amount will be waived if print products are ordered through the gallery that exceeds $100.



Q: Why do we need a contract?

A: If there is a contract in place, all parties know exactly what they're doing, when they're doing it, and how it's supposed to be done. Everyone is protected.

Q: I want to make a change to your contract, can I?

A: Let's sit down and go over each section together. We can add things or make changes as we go if necessary. 

Q: Who will be taking pictures at our wedding?

A: It's always me. 

Q: Why do I need an online gallery AND a flash drive? 

A: I work hard to make sure you have the very best photos from your special day and I want you to print and display your photos! I recommend ordering professional quality prints directly from your gallery but I try to make obtaining prints as easy as possible, I don't want them forgotten in a drawer somewhere!

Q: Can I still order if my online gallery has expired?
A: Yes. Your online gallery will be available for 1 year. After this time, there is a fee of $25 Plus Tax to reactivate the gallery. This amount will be waived if print products are ordered through the gallery that exceeds $100.

Q: Can I get additional flash drives for my family? 

A: Absolutely! You can order as many as you like for $45 or $65 Plus Tax (with or without box) 

Q: How many other sessions do you shoot on my wedding day?

A: None, your day is just that, YOUR day. Your wedding is the only thing I do that day. 

Q: How many photos will I get? 

A: Every wedding is different just as every couple is different so it really depends but I typically take 50 to 57 images an hour, the more that's happening, the more I will be taking.  All your images will be in color, black & white, and there will be some special edits. 

Q: How long before I see my photos?

A: That depends on how backed up I am. I have to take sessions in the order that I shoot them to be fair to everyone, but it should never take longer than three weeks. 

Q: Do you have insurance?

Yes. I have a comprehensive liability insurance policy.

Q: Do you eat at our reception? 

A: It's really hard for me to switch gears but I may nibble. I will tell you that I will never ever drink at your wedding. (I have heard horror stories about this) 

Q: Our officiant says no flash, will you do this? 

A: I work very closely with all the venues, vendors, and the officiant to make sure I never overstep my boundaries. (I've heard horror stories about this as well) 

Q: Why do I need to give you a deposit and how much of a deposit do you need and when is the rest due? 

A: I save this day just for you and I start working and planning right away, I need to talk to your officiant, see the venue, order anything necessary, this will hold your date and get me started.  A simple $200.00 deposit is fine and the rest is due TWO WEEKS before your day so all we are thinking about is the day itself. 

Q: Are engagement photos included? 

A: No, the rehearsal, pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception is though. If you book your engagement photos with your wedding I'll make sure you get a good deal. 





The patronage of all potential clients for all services offered is welcome regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, military status, sex, disability or marital status. All couples legally permitted to marry in the state of Idaho are welcome to hire photographer Kerry LaMana LLC. I serve everyone equally. I do donate a portion of the proceeds to the Becket Fund and the Family Research Council to support marriage from a Christian perspective.